The videos of the closure of the US Capitol after an attack on two guards

Videos of the closure of the US Capitol after an attack on two guards: police declared “external security alert.” Following the events that occurred on Friday afternoon at the United States Capitol, in Washington, the police reported that the compound is under temporary emergency closure due to a “foreign security threat.”

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“Due to an external security threat. Not all US Capitol buildings are allowed in or out at this time. You can move inside the buildings but stay away from windows and doors, ”said the police message to the congressmen’s offices.

Authorities closed the US Capitol due to an external security threat

Later the Capitol authorities reported that the incident took place at a checkpoint near Congress.

The attack on the guards

The Washington region remains on alert almost three months after a mob of armed insurgents stormed the building where lawmakers were gathering to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

Faced with the attack by the suspect who ran over two Capitol security guards, the information on social networks has not stopped coming out.

The two officers were hospitalized, at least one of them in serious condition. The suspect died at the hospital.

Below, all the video and images that have been collected from social networks after the incident.