Belinda: The video in which Christian Nodal is out of hand, literally | INSTAGRAM

The favorite couple of the moment takes advantage of any situation to show their love.

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Since they officially announced their love affair on their social networks, Belinda and Christian Nodal have captured all the attention of their followers and the general public.

Either with theories stating that their relationship is nothing more than a business that will boost their careers, others in which it is mentioned that everything is the singer’s idea to regain the fame that she has been losing little by little over time.

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Or in the same way, the new theory in which a clairvoyant claims that Belinda actually goes out with a politician and is even in marriage views and the whole matter of their relationship is just a show, although they have already been both who have come out to deny all this, Internet users continue to « conspire. »

However, both are not affected in the least by this whole situation and prefer to ignore negative comments and everything that people are commenting on and enjoy sharing their great affection and love on their official social networks.

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Such is the case of a video clip shared by the interpreter of the Mexican regional genre, where he appears with his beloved girlfriend on a boat in the sea, they wear square pajamas and remain seated close together.

In the video, Nodal and Belinda face each other and begin to kiss tenderly and passionately, which causes the interpreter to start playing with his hands a bit and without thinking ends up caressing the gluteal region of the also actress.

Something that seemed totally normal to many, since it is a caress between a couple, however, the video ignited the networks, as many users wanted to express their feelings, and commented that such a situation is frowned upon, as it can reach the eyes of minors old.

“The unexpected does not need explanations, all I know is that with that unique, beautiful, crazy and pure soul that you have, you stole the greatest love of my life from me and you made me believe even in the pa always. I love you @belindapop . I hope and this “publicity” lasts us for a lifetime my love. ”, was the romantic footnote that can be read under the publication that the artist shared.