Paraguayan video game developer Juan De Urraza today highlighted their boom during the COVID-19 pandemic. He stated that the entertainment industry as a result of the health conflict will achieve a profit of US $ 150 million this year worldwide. At the same time, he maintained that it continues to be the most important leisure sector today “people are locked up and must look for alternatives”. Held.

“The statistical data of the market is that the consumption of video games increased around 30% worldwide in terms of time and expense, but it is difficult to know if this will be sustained. Last year US $ 100 billion was billed and this year it is estimated that it will be US $ 150 billion, due to the pandemic. The video game is still the most important entertainment industry today. Obviously there are other types of entertainment, such as Netflix, which had a significant growth since people are locked up and must look for alternatives, “said De Urraza in communication with the newspaper La Nación.

He also said that citizens are consuming more games with entertaining approaches and put Plague Inc as an example, which was launched years ago and focuses precisely on a virus, which tries to dominate the world and which is quite similar to the current crisis.

“The pandemic was used to develop short, new games that have this theme and attract people. We know that this Plague Inc game began to be played a lot because it is just a virus that is in charge of dominating the world and then there are old games that people already knew, but that have passed their time and thanks to the pandemic, they started to play again. I assume that people are consuming more entertainment video games, the most played genres remain the same, the casual ones on cell phones, the simple ones on PCs and consoles, traditional games, “he said.

“COVID also had a negative impact”

“It takes time to make a game, it is not to say there is a pandemic and we are going to create a special one for this moment. What there is is a lot of growth of causal games. In fact, the pandemic also had a negative impact from the point of view that triple A games, which are professional games, are being delayed because remote work is more complex, there are games that had to be launched and are paused until new ones. notice. For example, a team of 100 people works in such games, ”he said.

Paraguayan video game developer Juan De Urraza. Photo: Kindness. Paraguayan video game developer Juan De Urraza. Photo: Kindness.

On the other hand, he said that the occasion was also used by sectors dedicated to the area, to increase their profits through offers, because consumers previously could not access certain games due to their cost.

“There are markets that took advantage of the pandemic to make citizens buy, for example, through offers. There are a lot of people who are accessing games that at the time could not pay for them, “he said.