In the image, the vice president of Brazil, Hamilton Mourao. . / Raphael Alves / Archive
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Sao Paulo, Jul 31 . .- The vice president of Brazil, Hamilton Mourao, assured that the environmental protection in his country, questioned by several European countries, will not be a brake to ratify the agreement between the European Union (EU) and the Mercosur.
« The environmental issue arises as an escape valve and it is up to us to make it clear that the Amazon environmental issue is not within our production, » Mourao clarified, in an interview with ..
The political agreement between the European and South American bloc, announced in June 2019 at the end of two decades of negotiations, slowed down in August 2019, when countries like France criticized the environmental management of the Jair Bolsonaro government.
The Netherlands, one of the EU’s 27 members, recently adopted a resolution in parliament opposing ratification of the pact, among other reasons for illegal deforestation in the Amazon.
The vice president highlighted « the agricultural power » that Brazil has become.
« Today we feed more than a million people in the world, with a tendency to advance further. It is our ‘hard power’. We are unbeatable competitors in soy, corn, meat, animal protein from beef, pork, chicken, citrus, orange juice. That is a threat to the local producers in Europe, who will take their pressure. « 
Mourao urged the national parliaments of the European Union and Mercosur, made up of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, to ratify the agreement reached so as not to be « run over » by other market players.
« The agreement will bring advantages for both sides of the Atlantic, » he noted.