Windows 10 has very useful elements unknown to many people, and of which every time we write in Genbeta some commentator thanks us in comments or on social networks for having discovered them. For one of the next versions of the system, Microsoft is going to merge two of the best and least used today: the keyboard or emoji panel and the clipboard history.

Until now, when invoking the clipboard history with “Windows key + V”, the system displays a panel with the last 25 copied items, in which we could fix some of the tickets to always have them at hand. In turn, to open the emoji keyboard, you need to type “Windows +.” When invoking it, we will see a panel full of emojis and symbols, in which we can also search.

A much more complete and integrated future panel that adds search for GIFs

Both functions of the system work very well, but perhaps having everything in one place was missed, and Microsoft has delivered by bringing this to Windows 10 build 10185. However, it is not news for all Redmond operating systems, because in the still cooking Windows 10X for new screen formats was already present.

On the first screen that we will see, we will have the most recent emojis and GIFs. To find the latter, Microsoft has integrated the search for Tenor, Giphy’s great rival, and owned by Google.

We will also see the Kaamoji keyboard and general punctuation symbols from the panel. At the moment we have not been able to test it, so we do not know what else it adds in terms of emojis or clipboard. But in any case, it is great news that such useful functions of Windows 10 are integrated. When rolling out in the next big Windows 10 update, as expected, it would be nice if Microsoft spoke and taught users how to use these features from the system.

Source | Windows Latest

The very useful but unknown clipboard history of Windows 10 will be better integrated with GIFs and emojis