The very cash reaction of Ben Arfa at a press conference

Very calm despite the Girondins’ complicated start to the season, Hatem Ben Arfa does not like certain questions.

The Ben Arfa effect is slow to be felt on the side of Bordeaux. If the former Lyonnais shows himself to his advantage on an individual level, even if he has not yet unlocked his counter, Bordeaux is still idling. Corrected to Monaco (4-0), Jean-Louis Gasset’s men followed with a home defeat (0-2) against Montpellier and now emerge in 12th position in Ligue 1. And this while looming two very perilous trips to Rennes then Paris.

Two necessarily special meetings for Hatem Ben Arfa, who lived through hell in PSG (2016-18) before blazing at Rennais Stadium, the time of a season (2018-19). Does he want to shine against the Breton club? “These are boat questions. We want to go there to win. There, I go to Rennes, then to Paris, but I don’t think so. There is nothing at all, he assured at a press conference. I have good memories of my time with a trophy (Coupe de France), a great epic in Uefa, it was great. There was an exceptional atmosphere after the Cup, just like during the trips to the European Cup. I am really happy with my visit to Rennes. It was great.” However, the native of Clamart assured him: he has no regrets.

What is that question?

And this is not the only question from journalists that the international tricolor did not like. The same was true when asked if he hoped to be more decisive. “Boat question, boat answer. There is nothing personal. In a co-sport, the collective takes precedence. My integration is successful, I am happy with the future that will arrive for us. I am really very serene, ”he replied. And the tone was even more scathing when it came to maintenance.

” What is that question? The president and the coach spoke about maintaining after the frustration of a game but not as a goal, ”he said, adding:“ I am very calm about our goals. Before the 30th, we will know where we will be. ” And the Ile-de-France to add: “The coach is calm. We know where we want to go and you will see that we will be there and even better. I can sign the paper in front of you. It’s just a matter of passing time. ”

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