The Valencia players accompanied Diakhaby to the dressing room and then they continued playing without him !!

Historic episode of racism lived this Sunday at Ramón de Carranza. Mouctar Diakhaby decided to leave the field of play in the match between Valencia and Cádiz after suffering an alleged racist insult from Juan Cala. His teammates decided to accompany him and stop the match, but finally returned ten minutes later without the French central in a very surprising decision that has outraged many.

After half an hour of meeting in Carranza, Diakhaby He got very angry with Juan Cala after an argument between the two after the dispute over an aerial ball. The Valencia player was outraged after suffering an alleged racist insult and decided to leave the pitch. Valencia players accompanied him in a historic decision for Spanish football.

However, ten minutes after the action, the Valencia players returned to the Carranza pitch. The surprise was the absence of the real protagonist of the day: Mouctar Diakhaby stayed in the locker room and Hugo Guillamón it came out instead. However, Juan Cala did jump onto the pitch. That is, the Valencia teammates returned to the field without Diakhaby after accompanying him in his indignation a few minutes before.

«Our full support for Diakhaby. The player, who has received a racist insult, has asked his companions to return to the field to fight. All with you, Mouctar », wrote the official account of the club ché on social networks. So, the central defender would have asked his teammates to continue playing against Cádiz, but without him.

For the first time in the history of Spanish football, a team has left the field to show its rejection of an episode of racism. A decision that will never be forgotten, despite the fact that Valencia finally decided to return to the pitch without Mouctar Diakhaby, an alleged victim of racism.