The vagina tunnel and other eccentricities of Cara Delevingne’s house

Cara Delevingne, in her tunnel. (Photo: YOUTUBE / AD)

That millionaires like to spend money on all kinds of eccentricities is no surprise and Cara Delevingne’s house is the perfect example. The model has opened the doors of her home in Los Angeles to AD magazine and is full of picturesque corners.

The one that has attracted the most attention is the ‘tunnel of the vagina’. Yes, you read that correctly, Delevinge has a tunnel shaped like a vagina that connects two rooms in the house. At first glance it is imperceptible, since it is built behind a mirror. That mirror is actually a door, which when opened reveals the vagina.

Delevingne herself does the honors and slides into the other room, a guest room with a bunk bed with room for two beds. From that bedroom, the other side of the tunnel looks like a psychedelic pink washing machine.

The hallway is made to measure and the model explains in the video that it “inspires” her and is the place in her home that she goes when she needs a creative boost.

It’s not the only quirky place in the house, which is partially inspired by Hugh Hefner. In fact, Delevingne has a Playboy pinball machine in her game room, where she also has a transparent display that exposes all the gear of the instrument. The mansion also has a poker room, with red curtains, inspired by David Lynch. Behind one of those curtains is a pool of balls.

Inspiration & # xf3; n & # 39; Playboy & # 39;  (Photo: YOUTUBE / AD)Inspiration & # xf3; n & # 39; Playboy & # 39;  (Photo: YOUTUBE / AD)

Inspiration ‘Playboy’ (Photo: YOUTUBE / AD)

The house is so big that the model needs a scooter to get to her room, so there is room for a few bathrooms. One of them, gold and inspired by David Bowie. Delevingne is a fan of the British artist and keeps a guitar signed by him in a music studio where he also t …

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