The vaccine triggers hope among the great clubs of European football

The company announcement Modern that your Covid-19 vaccine It is almost 95% effective and can be a real revolution in European football. The great clubs of Europe celebrate this decisive step in the return to normality, not to the new one, but to the normality of always. The return of fans to stadiums is closer and also the recovery of ticketing income. It is the beginning of the end of the crisis that has devastated all the great ocean liners of European football.

Moderna announced this Monday that its experimental vaccine against Covid-19, one of the most advanced of those being developed worldwide, has an efficacy against the coronavirus of 94.5%, a figure even higher than the 90% reported by the Pfizer company a week ago. And the great clubs of European football, Real Madrid to Bayern Munich, passing through PSG, Manchester City or Barcelona, ​​they celebrate it by uncorking a virtual champagne. The return to true normality in football is closer than ever.

The North American company Moderna has been running a Covid-19 vaccine project for some time, which is based on a clinical trial in which 30,000 volunteers participate in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health of the United States. Half of the participants have received the vaccine and the other half an injection of salt water as a placebo.

Moderna and her vaccine revolutionize football

The first analysis has been carried out after detecting 95 symptomatic infections, 90 of them in the group of volunteers who did not receive the vaccine, but the placebo. The most encouraging data is that only 11 of the 95 people who became ill developed a severe variant of Covid-19, including respiratory problems and hospital admission. Curiously, all 11 were on the placebo.

Like Pfizer did a week ago, Moderna has presented the results of its vaccine in a press release, without publishing an independent peer-reviewed scientific study for now. The company emphasizes that su trial includes 7,000 people over 65 and 5,000 others under that age, but with chronic diseases linked to a higher risk, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

If the efficacy of Moderna’s vaccine is finally confirmed, football will be able to avoid bankruptcy, the big clubs will start to recover their income and, most importantly, fans will be able to return to the stadiums. That day yes, it can be said that football has returned to normal.