The “usual” party in exchange for the Covid certificate

The nightlife sector has been affected by restrictions due to the coronavirus. (Photo: Quim Llenas via .)

The employers’ association of leisure venues (España de Noche) will only accept the implementation of the Covid certificate in exchange for recovering their schedules, capacity and the dance floor to 100%.

This has been stated by the National Federation of Leisure and Entertainment Entrepreneurs through a statement in which it demands that the Ministry of Health “take the reins once and for all and meet the legal criteria for the implementation of the certificate.”

Otherwise, they have assured that they will continue to work as restaurants and at a loss.

They also add that the autonomies must act with “rigor and criteria when making decisions about the implementation of this measure” to avoid it being a barrier instead of a solution.

Quick tests to go out to party

The employer includes in its request that the results of the antigen tests from the pharmacies serve as an official certificate to allow entry.

With this measure, it is expected to reactivate the more than 9,500 companies in the sector that survive the pandemic and that they are safer spaces than bottles and clandestine parties.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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