The 2020 edition of the US Open It could finally be carried out behind closed doors, a circumstance motivated by the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting everyone and obviously the racket sport. The USTA continues to reflect every day on what to do with the big summer event. There are few options, being the postponement, the change of venue or playing without an audience the most valued. So far, all professional tennis tournaments have been suspended since March due to COVID-19 and there is some concern about what will happen with the United States Open, which is held every year in New York, the city where the epicenter of the pandemic, with just over 20,000 deaths from the virus.

The option of playing without an audience is an option that before the organization of the tournament did not contemplate and that now seems to be the closest, due to the enormous fear that in Flushing Meadows there are many contagions among the spectators. Recall that last year 737,872 fans went to the tournament facilities during those two weeks. If this were to occur, the event would suffer a great financial loss with the departure of many sponsors and contracts with various television media. In addition, some players are not very supportive of playing tournaments of this caliber without spectators in the stands.

The last one to do it has been the Croatian Marin Cilic stating that playing without fans would make tennis players not motivated in matches: “Playing behind closed doors would make players think they are in a training match. I don’t think it’s the best scenario, and for the winner to be remembered as the tennis player who managed to win the US Open without spectators. I think it is an option that very few would like, “he said in statements collected by ..

Originally, USTA CEO Mike Dose commented a month ago that it is highly unlikely that the tournament would ever be played behind closed doors. However, that opinion has since changed significantly and now there are more people leaning in favor of the option of playing behind closed doors. Another senior president, USTA Director of Revenue, Lew Sherr, commented that there are more and more options for the tournament to be produced in this way: “Two months ago, it seemed practically impossible for us to hold the event without fans “As we have progressed through the days, we have come to recognize that this option may be viable. The fans have not been able to watch tennis for a long time and the fact that tennis could return would be something unique and historical,” he said. .

Remember that next month the tournament organization will officially communicate what will happen with the tournament.