The Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and the Environment, Antonio Luengo, at the experimental farm of the Micro-N Operational Group to learn about the progress in reducing crop fertilization.

The use of autochthonous environmental nitrogen-fixing microorganisms could reduce nitrogen fertilization in crops in the Murcia region by up to 30 percent. This was stated by the Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and the Environment, Antonio Luengo, during his visit to the Ideagro experimental farm in the Muleña district of Yéchar.

“From the Community we continue to bet on the compatibility between research and technological development and the work carried out by the agricultural sector, as well as its adaptation to the new European public health requirements”, explained Luengo, “and for this it is necessary to advance in the application of new techniques that allow us to reduce the contribution of nitrogen fertilizers to the crop ”.

The counselor highlighted that, up to now, and within the project carried out by the Micro-N Operative Group, which receives a grant of 78,670 euros from the Community, “trials have been carried out on industrial melon and tomato for the reduction nitrogen fertilization through the use of microorganisms that allow absorbing up to 30 percent of this element ”. The Operating Group is made up of Solbiosur SLU, Agrocolin SL, Hortofrutícolas SL, Ideagro and Agromarketing.

During the visit, Luengo also learned about the trials where the use of new sustainable solutions for the treatment of leachates is being evaluated, through advances in the development of biofungicides and biostimulants in citrus and stone fruit trees; as well as the Innolivar project that is allowing the development of a bio insecticide against the olive fly through the use of entomopathogenic fungi.

Finally, the Minister of Agriculture recalled that in the last year “the regional government has allocated 1.3 million euros to the line of innovation, which allows to continue developing this type of work, whose application to the field is direct and effective, and that supposes one more example of the commitment and the responsibility that the sector shows to make compatible the agricultural and environmental development in the Region of Murcia ”.

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