The US will initiate contacts for a possible return to the nuclear pact with Iran

The European Union played a key role during the four years of Donald Trump’s administration to keep the nuclear agreement with Iran alive and this Friday it has also contributed decisively to the resumption of contacts with Tehran and Washington to fully recover the application of the pact.

Miamimundi / EP

The first step towards a possible understanding between the United States and Iran has been taken during a meeting chaired by a representative of Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, and the signatory countries of the nuclear agreement (Iran, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and China).

The meeting has agreed to initiate separate contacts between the current members of the pact and with the United States next week in Vienna, two tables that are interpreted as the necessary way to pave the way for a future negotiation. Washington will thus resume contacts for a possible return to the pact.

Trump broke the 2015 nuclear deal

Republican Donald Trump broke the historic agreement sealed in 2015 by his predecessor, Democrat Barack Obama, along with the aforementioned group of countries, and reactivated economic sanctions on Iran, convinced that this pact was harmful and that the pressure would force Tehran to negotiate a new deal.

After years of blockade, the new American president, Democrat Joe Biden, has opened the door to return to the 2015 framework if Iran complies with it (which it has stopped doing), which would imply the lifting of the last imposed sanctions. However, Tehran is refusing to sit at the table with Washington as long as those penalties persist, leaving the situation at a standstill.

The pieces can start moving now. This Friday’s meeting was described as “positive” by Enrique Mora, the Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service, who chaired the virtual meeting. Mora pointed out that “there is considerable work ahead for a crucial opportunity to get the JCPOA back on its feet. [siglas en inglés del nombre oficial del acuerdo iraní, Pacto de Acción Integral Conjunto]”.