The Pentagon declassified the videos of three UFO sightings (Infobae)

The US Senate wants to regulate the activities of the Pentagon cell that studies unidentified flying objects (UFOs) so that the public is informed of their activities and that the various branches of the country’s intelligence services share their information.

In an amendment to the 2021 finance bill currently under discussion, Senate intelligence committee endorses Pentagon « cell of work on unidentified aerial phenomena », thus officially confirming the continuation of the activities of that unit revealed in 2017 by the New York Times.

For senators, « unidentified aerial phenomena » have nothing to do with potential aliens, but rather with true adversaries of the United States.

This cell, linked to the naval intelligence office of the armed forces, aims to « harmonize information gathering and reporting on unidentified aerial phenomena, their potential links to rival governments, and the threats they pose to US Army equipment and buildings”Specifies the text presented by Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio and published last week.

They caught a UFO in the California desert and the video went viral (Mariano Llanes / YouTube) (Sandra Capote Vargas / YouTube)

The United States is concerned, among other things, by China’s espionage capabilities, with the help of drones and other aerial vehicles.

Although they recognize that it is a thorny issue, the senators « think that the exchange of information and coordination between intelligence services on this matter are inconsistent, » and therefore they want a detailed and public report on the activities of this work cell and phenomena you have observed.

If the amendment is approved, the Pentagon will have 180 days to present the report to Congress.

The Pentagon released three videos taken by US Navy pilots in late April that show aerial phenomena that the Defense Department calls « unidentified. »

One of those videos with a black and white image is from November 2004, and the other two from January 2015. They had been circulating on the internet for some time, especially after they were published by The New York Times.

In one of those videos you can see how an oblong-shaped object moves quickly and, a few seconds after being detected by one of the sensors of the Navy apparatus, it disappears to the left after a sudden acceleration.

In another video, you can see an object above the clouds, and you can hear the pilot in the cockpit audio asking if it is a drone.

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The Pentagon declassified the videos of three UFO sightings

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