The US relaxes its recommendations to travel to 60 countries, Spain included

Tourists in the center of Seville. (Photo: Maria Jose Lopez / EUROPA PRESS)

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States announce a relaxation of their recommendations to travel to 60 countries, including Spain, based on the improvement of the situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the information provided this Tuesday by the CDC, these countries thus pass from level 4 of “very high” risk – for which it is recommended that Americans never travel there, and only do so in cases of force majeure. and vaccinated – at level 3, of “high” risk, which eliminates the recommendation not to go to these destinations but continues to advise that it be done once the vaccine is given.

Along with Spain, other European Union countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Hungary and Cyprus drop to level 3. However, other EU countries such as Belgium, the Czech Republic and Sweden, among others, follow in number 4.

Russia, Norway, Turkey or South Africa are in this group, which is low but still at high risk, as is the United States itself. Mexico, Ecuador and Honduras also go to level 3, while most Latin American countries, with the exception of the aforementioned and Peru and Guatemala, remain, however, at level 4.

Upgrades for 17 other countries

On the other hand, there are improvements for another 17 countries that leave group 3 of “high” risk and go to 2, the “moderate”. This group includes El Salvador and Barbados, as well as Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, and Angola. And more than thirty territories manage to place themselves in the low risk level, including Israel, Iceland, South Korea and Malta.

Other countries, however, fall into an uncertain category, that of “unknown”, such as …

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