The Donald Trump government shelved a series of
detailed documents created by leading researchers in
diseases of the country, which were intended to give step-by-step directions for
local rulers who decide when and how to reopen public spaces,
like public transport, nurseries and restaurants during the still active
coronavirus pandemic.

The 17-page report prepared by a team
from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
English), entitled “Indications to apply the Open United States program
Again, “was researched and written to help religious leaders,
entrepreneurs, educators and local and state authorities as they begin to
revive the country.

Various hospitals in Mexico City are full, even when authorities say there are empty beds.

Its publication was scheduled for Friday
past, but agency scientists were told that the
Recommendations “would never see the light,” according to a CDC member.

The person was not authorized to speak to the
press and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Andrea Cruz.

AP got a copy through a second
federal that was not authorized to broadcast it.

The protocol was described the week in articles
AP, before the White House decision to file it.

Authorities order business closings to avoid crowds, but Mexicans advance purchases.

The Trump administration has closely controlled the
publication of recommendations and information during the pandemic caused by
the new coronavirus.

Scientists are still trying to understand
the behavior of the pathogen, while the president led loquacious
daily interventions on the situation until last week.

Randy Serrano has the information.

In the past, during public health crises
it was the CDC that offered recommendations and information based on the
science to the population and local authorities.

However, this time the CDC has not
offered a regular press conference on the pandemic in almost two months.

Randy Serrano has the information.

CDC Director Dr. Robert
Redfield has been part of the White House task force on the
coronavirus, but has barely made public appearances.

Many current and former government health officials have called the lack of real-time public information from the country’s experts dangerous.

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“CDC has always been the public health agency
Americans go to in a time of crisis, “said the doctor
Howard Koh, a Harvard professor and former health official in the government of
Obama during the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic.

“The standard thing in a crisis is to go to them to
get the latest data and the latest recommendations and the
most recent press conference. That has not happened, and everyone sees it. “

The president said he had no plans to follow the recommendation.

Instead, the Trump administration has attempted
delegate to states the response to COVID-19, the disease that causes

This strategy has been reflected in the
public statements by the president, from the claim that it is not
responsible for problems with virus testing when the outbreak reached
United States up to its description last week from the federal government as
a “provider of last resort” for states needing help with
virus testing.

The CDC now recommends the use of a mask or face mask as a preventive measure during the pandemic. If you have not been able to buy one, here we tell you how to do it step by step and without having to sew.

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany
echoed that idea on Wednesday: “We have consulted separately with
states, but as I said, it is an effort led by the governors. Is
a state-led effort (…) with which the federal government
consult. And we have done it every day ”

One of the federal employees described the
rejected reopening protocol as a crucial document, used as
basis for other groups within CDC that use the same kind of material
indicative for other installations.

The report included detailed recommendations
for the adaptation of specific spaces, such as schools, restaurants,
summer camps, churches, kindergartens and others.

It had spread widely within the
CDC and included detailed “decision trees”, diagrams with arrows that
They could use local authorities to plan different situations.

A page of the document was accessible in the
CDC website using search engines, but did not appear to be linked to
no other page of the institution.

Some of the report’s suggestions already
they appear on federal websites. But the guide condensed in one place
specific and tailored recommendations for reopening.

For example, the text suggested that restaurants and
bars will install screens in cash registers and avoid buffets, bars
of salad and drink stands. The website of the Administration of
United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offers
similar tips.

But the archived report also said that
when restaurants return to serving customers seated at their tables
They should separate the tables at least 6 feet from each other and try to use apps from
cell phones to alert a customer of how much their table is free to avoid
touch manual devices. That did not appear on the web.

“You can say that restaurants can open and
that they have to follow recommendations for social distancing.

But restaurants want to know what it looks like
that. States would like more guidance, “said Marcus Plescia,
medical officer of the Association of State Health Authorities and

The recommendations of “Open the United States of
New ”released last month by the White House were less specific than the
CDC unpublished report.

They indicate to state and local governments that
reopen according to federal and local “regulations and recommendations” and that
monitor your employees for signs of COVID-19.

The White House guide also includes
tips introduced at the start of the pandemic that are still important,
such as social distancing and encouraging people to work from home.

A person close to the team against
the coronavirus in the White House said that those responsible for the CDC never
They authorized the publication of the document.

White House members don’t want to offer
detailed recommendations for the reopening of specific sectors because the
The virus affects different parts of the country differently, he said.

CDC receives daily communications from
county and state health departments seeking information
valid scientific to make informed decisions.

Still, discreetly, CDC scientists
as those who made the recommendations work to send information to
local governments. The agency continues to employ hundreds of
most respected doctors and epidemiologists in the world, consulted for their knowledge
in times of crisis, explained former CDC director Tom Frieden. People
clicked more than 1.2 billion times on the CDC website for the

States can go directly to the CDC
and ask for prepared recommendations but that the White House has not yet announced.

“I don’t think any state believes that the CDC is
deficient. It is just the process of spreading things, “said Plescia.