The secretary of the United States affirmed this Sunday that they have proof that the new coronavirus originated in a Chinese laboratory, just the same day that an expert from the World Health Organization affirmed that it was of “natural” origin.

In an interview with ABC News, Secretary Mike Pompeo said the US has “a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory in Wuhan.”

The secretary of state insisted that the amount of evidence is “enormous” despite the fact that US intelligence agencies said this week that they are still examining that possibility and have not reached a conclusion.

Pompeo went on to say at one point in the interview that “the best experts seem to think that (the coronavirus) was man-made,” an idea that the Office of the National Director of Intelligence (DNI) flatly dismissed in a statement Thursday.

When the interviewer reminded him of that point, Pompeo seemed to correct himself by saying that he “agrees” with that consensus from the intelligence community and has “no reason to doubt that it is correct.”

However, the Foreign Minister said it is not clear if the new coronavirus was intentionally released or if it was an accident in Wuhan’s laboratory.

The US intelligence services do not rule out the possibility that the coronavirus that caused the global pandemic may have accidentally come out of a laboratory in China.

“The Chinese Communist Party continues to block access (to its laboratories) to the western world, to the best scientists in the world, to find out what exactly happened,” he stressed.

“We have to go in there. We still don’t have the virus samples we need,” he added.


The technical leader of the World Health Organization, Maria Van Kerkhove, said in an interview on a BBC program that the new coronavirus arose from nature.

“Compared to other coronavirus sequences that are available, this one is naturally occurring. And originally it comes from bats because coronaviruses come from bats,” he said on the Andrew Marr show.

“What we need to do is really understand what we call the intermediate host. What is the animal that was infected by bats and that potentially infected humans?”

The drug Remdesivir has shown improvement in most patients. However, it has not been approved by the FDA for use as a coronavirus treatment.


Asked if the US plans to retaliate against China for its efforts to “hide from the world” the severity of the crisis at its origins, Pompeo hinted that it was, stating that Beijing “created enormous risk.”

“We will hold those responsible to account, and we will do so when we decide,” he said.

As reported this week by The Washington Post, the White House is debating proposals to punish China or demand financial compensation for its management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Washington claims that the virus originated in a Chinese laboratory, some Chinese authorities have promoted the theory that US soldiers introduced the disease during their participation in the World Military Games in Wuhan last October, something the US rejects.

A study in China indicated that several people who were ill with coronaviruses developed neurological problems.