Anthony Fauci, of the White House task force on the coronavirus, testified before the Senate to explain what the United States should do in response to the upturn in cases due to COVID-19

The main epidemiologist of the government of U.S, Anthony Fauci, warned this Tuesday that the number of new daily cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in the country could soon go from 40 thousand to 100 thousand, in a trend that considered “worrying

“Now we are having about 40 thousand cases or more a day. I wouldn’t be surprised if we went up to 100 thousand a day if this does not change. I am very concerned, ”said Fauci, who heads the US National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Allergies and is part of the working group of the White House against the coronavirus.

Fauci testified before a committee of the Senate to explain what to do U.S given the upturn in cases that has forced several states to reverse their plans for economic reopening.

“I can guarantee you that if we have a rebound in one part of the country, even if we don’t see it elsewhere, we are vulnerable,” said Fauci, who once again asked Americans to respect social distancing measures and stop going to ” bars ”in closed spaces.

At the start of the pandemic, the virus hit the eastern states of U.S, as New York, who managed to register 10,000 cases a day; But, in recent weeks, these states have managed to slow the advance of the virus with measures of social isolation.

Against this, several southern and western states of U.S, who had barely suffered the impact of the pandemic, are now experiencing high infection rates. Four of the most affected states are Texas, Florida, California and Arizona.

Arizona announced that it had 4,600 new cases, a new record number; while California already accumulates 220 thousand infections, especially in the county of The Angels, where the authorities have ordered that the beaches be closed this weekend that coincides with the holiday of July 4.

In the United States, more than 126 thousand 300 people have died and 2.6 million have been infected with the virus, according to the independent count of the Johns Hopkins University.

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