The US announced temporary measures for the arrival of fuel by sea

15 minutes. The Government of the President of the United States (USA), Joe Biden, approved a temporary exemption to facilitate the arrival of fuel by sea to the east coast of the country, given the supply difficulties due to the cyberattack a week ago against the largest network of pipelines of the country.

This was reported in a statement, which explains that the Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, gave the green light last night for a “temporary and specific” permit for a second foreign company to send fuel to the US from the sea.

The authorities have not identified either of the two companies that have been granted authorization.

This measure allows exceptions to the so-called Jones Law. This establishes that the products that are transported between US ports go to US vessels with crew from the country.

The permit assumes that foreign companies can transport gasoline and diesel to those areas affected by fuel shortages after the cyberattack.

Colonial, the company that operates the pipeline network, announced on Wednesday the resumption of its activities, but there are still supply difficulties.

That network, some 5,500 miles long (about 8,851 kilometers), carries 45% of the fuel supplies of the eastern United States.

Fuel shortage

According to data this Friday at 09:33 US Eastern Time (13:37 GMT) from the application, which tracks fuel demand, prices and availability, still the gas stations in 15 states of the country, plus the District of Columbia, where the capital Washington is located, suffered from fuel shortages.

The most affected area is the District of Columbia, with 88% of its service stations affected, followed by North Carolina, with 62%; South Carolina, with 50%; Georgia, with 48%, and Maryland, with 42%.

Biden predicted Thursday that the situation would return to normal by the end of this week or the beginning of the next.

On Sunday, Biden lifted restrictions on the transport of fuel by road to avoid shortages in the face of the closure due to the cyberattack on Colonial.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers presented a legislative proposal on Friday to protect the country’s infrastructure from cyberattacks.

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