The Theater of the University of Puerto Rico will end its 80th Anniversary season with a digital project of interviews on theater, music and culture.

The Teatro Invita, a cycle of cultural gatherings, is an initiative that It will virtually bring together arts professionals with a direct link to the University of Puerto Rico. Actors, musicians, dancers, writers and directors will talk about various topics related to their careers, while in college and will reflect on how to overcome current challenges in their respective fields.

Broadcasts will be every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on the UPR Theater networks and will have five interviewers and more than 20 interviewees. They stand out among these the cultural journalist Mario Alegre-Barrios, the actor and journalist Mario Roche, the humanist and professor Agnes Bosch, the historian and professor Pedro Reina and the theater director and professor Edgar García.

The first broadcast will be tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5, with the actor Modesto Lacén and the journalist Mario Alegre-Barrios as an interviewer.

The first cycle gatherings will focus on performing arts personalities beginning with Modesto Lacén, Sylvia Bofill, Idalia Pérez Garay, José Félix Gómez, Rosa Luisa Márquez, Lolita Villanúa and Norwill Fragoso, among others that will be announced soon. While the second cycle will be drawn up with the work of entities that, like the UPR Theater, received funds from the Flamboyán Foundation, as well as outstanding musicians and alumni.

“We are entering a proposal that promises to demonstrate what we are made of and will definitely teach us what we can build from now on. The IUPI theater is not the IUPI Theater just because it is architecturally beautiful, but also because it had, has and will have an important place in Puerto Rican culture thanks, among other things, to the deeds of people like those who participate in this project, which have worked intensively to give it the place that the theater holds ”he stated Rafael Chaves Otero, executive director of the room.

The initiative will last two months and will go hand in hand with a digital campaign to highlight many of the great events that have occurred in the iconic UPR room.

“It is time to rethink ourselves, it is time to remember great moments to open our doors to ideas, collaboration and to undertake the new history of the University Theater”added Chaves Otero.

This year the UPR Theater ended its 80th anniversary celebration with an ambitious campaign of events and initiatives designed to reaffirm its importance and relevance for the artistic and cultural work of our country.