The unpublished image that Queen Elizabeth II shared on the day of Prince Philip’s funeral

The United Kingdom has said goodbye this Saturday to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died on April 9, in a ceremony of the most intimate to which only 30 people have been able to attend due to measures to stop the expansion of the coronavirus in the country.

Ever since it became known that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, with whom she shared her life for 73 years, had said his last goodbye in Windsor Palace at the age of 99 “in a sweet way” and in peace, as Sofia revealed Wessex shortly after, the British Royal Family Instagram account has not stopped share images of the queen’s consort, some of them from your private archive.

They were joined this Saturday, hours before the funeral of Prince Philip, which took place in the Chapel of St. George of Windsor Castle, a photograph of the most tender of the queen and her husband in 2003 high in the hills of Coyles de Muick, very close to Balmoral (Scotland), where the monarch spends her holidays every year, according to the magazine Semana.

In the picture, taken by the Countess of Wessex, they both appear with a fully relaxed countenance, looking towards the camera with a sincere smile. The Duke of Edinburgh stands lying on the grass with his hat resting on his knee, while Queen Elizabeth II remains seated next to him.

“His Majesty and the Royal Family appreciate all the messages of condolences They have come from all over the world and have been moved to see and hear so many people sharing fond memories of the Duke, in celebration of his life, “said the text that accompanied the photograph.

It has not been the only snapshot that the Royal Family has rescued for this Saturday, because during the morning they have shared a emotional video montage “in order to commemorate the extraordinary life of the Duke of Edinburgh, unique for its breadth of experiences, and the generation of which it was a part in times of war “, from its earliest childhood to adolescence, his wedding to the queen, accompanied by his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and even enjoying some of his hobbies, such as flying or cricket, and his expedition to Antarctica.