The United States will allow Qualcomm to sell its processors to Huawei on one condition

The United States Government has granted Qualcomm the necessary license to sell several of its products to the Chinese brand Huawei. Speaking to ., a spokesman for the North American company stated that “we have received the license for a number of products, including some 4G products.”

The exact components that Qualcomm will be able to sell to Huawei are, at the moment, a mystery. The only thing that has transpired in this regard is that they are products related to 4G and focused on mobile phones.

This concession is good news for Huawei, but it does not return their competitiveness. In recent years, the Chinese company has used SoCs designed by themselves, which are adapted to their needs. This route, however, remains blocked by the United States Government, which prevents them from establishing commercial relationships with companies such as TSMC, which is responsible for manufacturing the chips that Huawei designs.

Furthermore, the license granted to Qualcomm is limited, according to the spokesperson, to 4G products. The most advanced chips of the American firm, therefore, would be excluded from the agreement, since all of them have or are compatible with the new generation networks.

Huawei therefore remains at a competitive disadvantage despite the good news that this concession entails. Using Qualcomm processors, yes, it could facilitate the launch of new models throughout 2021.

More and more US companies are trading with Huawei

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Qualcomm is not the only renowned technology company which in recent months has received the necessary license to sell technology products to Huawei. Currently on the list are Intel, AMD and Samsung, which, despite not having US nationality, was also affected by the veto imposed by the Donald Trump administration.

The granting of the license to Qualcomm began to be seen as a possibility at the end of October, when the Financial Times assured that the United States Government was giving the green light to several technologies as long as the components were not related to 5G.

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