The United States strengthens itself in the face of recent hacks

05/13/2021 at 3:39 PM CEST

The United States is experiencing a lot of problems with its technological security. The hack of SolarWinds, a cybersecurity agency, in many ways turned the country into a veritable sinkhole for hackers. Subsequently, Microsoft suffered attacks on its Microsoft Exchange servers. Now, they have attacked an oil pipeline. By extrapolating these problems to something more physical, Biden has decided to sign an executive order to improve cybersecurity in the United States.. The idea is to improve the exchange of information between government agencies and establish policies that proactively protect federal networks to avoid being attacked with renewed virulence.

According to a summary Posted by the White House For the press, standards will be established for the software that is sold to the federal government, thus guaranteeing greater security in it. In addition, the development of a program for label what are the security capabilities of the devices known as Internet of Things (IoT).

It is not yet clear what the rest of the guidelines of this order will be, but it is clear that it seeks to take some first steps to guarantee a security that currently does not exist in the United States. Thus, they have been the victims of constant hacks from what they consider to be their political enemies in the world: China and Russia.

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