The United States, faced with the worst increase in covid-19 cases

Those vaccinated are not free of coronavirus and 1:51 variants

. – The United States may currently be facing the worst spike in Covid-19 cases the nation has seen so far, Dr. Jerome Adams, a former Health Director under the Trump administration, said Tuesday.

“We are not raising a false alarm. This increase that we are going through right now has all the potential to be, and already appears to be, the worst increase we have faced so far,” Adams said in an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday.

They reinforce anticovid-19 measures in the United States 2:57

“We are in 50,000 hospitalizations today in this country. It is where we were in February of last year. Without vaccines, without sufficient tests, without masks for everyone, we were in 50,000 hospitalizations.” “We are there and we continue to increase,” he added.

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