The United Kingdom registers another 8,489 cases of coronavirus and another 548 deaths

Another 8,489 people in the UK tested positive for
COVID-19 to reach a total of 4,139,639 cases of
Coronavirus in the country, according to official figures released today.

The country also reported another 548 deaths related to the Coronavirus for a total of 121,305. These figures only include deaths occurring within 28 days of a first positive test result.

The latest figures were released after about 18 million people in the UK received the first dose of the Vaccine against him Coronavirus.

Following his announcement Monday on the plan to break out of lockdown, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said today that he « hopes » that all restrictions by the Coronavirus in England they are eliminated by June 21.

« I am hopeful, but obviously nothing can be guaranteed and it will all depend on our remaining prudent and following the guidelines at every stage, » he said, during a visit to a school in South London.

« That is why it is so important to proceed with the caution with which we are doing it, » he said.

England is currently in the third national lockdown since the pandemic began in the country. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland there are similar restrictions.

Also today, Scotland’s Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the plan to get out of lockdown by the Coronavirus and said that four people from two different families will now be allowed to meet outdoors starting March 15.

The British Government is solely responsible for restrictions by the Coronavirus In England. The decentralized governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are responsible for their own policies on public health matters.

To bring life back to normal, countries such as the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Russia and the United States have been in a race against time to develop vaccines against it. Coronavirus.

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