the unions ask for a salary increase above inflation

With classes being restarted in much of the country, it is a process that will take until the first week of March to complete the back-to-school scheme in pandemic, the Government decided to convene the teachers’ unions to establish the horizon of salary increases.

Although decentralized schools depend on each of the provinces, the national teaching parity is a central reference to measure the behavior of the agreements that will be made in each of the districts. This time, it will start in a mixed class context.

How much do the teachers’ unions ask for a raise

The leader Fabián Felman (CEA), assured that the position of the unions will be to demand « a salary increase that exceeds inflationary figures ».

Without giving it a number, it assumes that the teaching unions are going to ask for increases of more than 29% which is the inflation that is estimated in the national budget presented by the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán.

Although some economists maintain that inflation will be well above that number, especially due to the impact that the rise in food and the restarting of the discussion on tariffs is having in the first two months, the Government continues to maintain these numbers.

And both President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni, pointed out that this year they expect purchasing power can be recovered, therefore any salary agreement should be at least 2 points above 29%.

What unions go to the parity

The first meeting of the Federal Paritaria will take place from 5:00 p.m. in the Pizzurno Palace, headquarters of the educational portfolio. The meeting, which will be held under a mixed modality (face-to-face and by zoom), will be attended by leaders of the Ctera, the Argentine Union of Private Teachers (Sadop), the Argentine Confederation of Education (CEA), the Union of Argentine Teachers (UDA )) and the Association of Teaching of Technical Education (AMET).

The referents of the five unions have held several informal meetings with the minister in recent days, who said yesterday that « there is no ceiling » foreseen in the negotiation from the point of view of the authorities.

Trotta said that one of the Executive’s intentions when starting the round of negotiations is to repeat the experience of last year’s joint, in which the discussions at the national level were able to « channel pending debates in some jurisdictions. »

« When we finalized the negotiation of the parity (of 2020), in November, we promised to meet again in February, » said Trotta. Now it is beginning.