The Undertaker went to Wrestlemania to make up for his bout with Goldberg. The fighter said he should redeem himself after his match at Crown Jewel.

The Undertaker went to Wrestlemania to make up for his bout with Goldberg

Yesterday we saw again The Undertaker giving his all in a WWE match and giving for many fans one of the best matches we have seen in recent years, especially because of how different it was since it included a lot of cinematic part in it.

But why do I accept The Undertaker to fight at Wrestlemania? In the last hours it has been said that The Deadman accepted the fact of fighting at Wrestlemania because he was frustrated after his fight against Goldberg last year and believed that he should redeem himself and that he should also compensate the fans.

If there is one thing that The Undertaker has gained over the years, it is the ability to choose his rival for this combat, and this time the fighter chose AJ Styles after listening to the advice Kurt Angle gave him, who told him to fight him since it was the best fight he had had in recent years.

We do not know how a match by AJ Styles against The Undertaker would have turned out in normal conditions, but we can assure you that seeing what we saw yesterday, it surely would have been much better than the one that gave us with Goldberg in 2019.

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