The Undertaker was recently invited on the Sam Roberts podcast and spoke about his legendary fight against Mankind in the 1998 King of the Ring. The two icons clashed inside Hell in a Cell and the fight is still remembered for the spot where The Undertaker threw Mankind from the roof of the cage.

Although Mick Foley is known to be someone who can take brutal blows like no one else, this blow was nothing like anything anyone has ever seen before. The Undertaker revealed that he was scared by the outcome of the actions after Foley had fallen.

The Undertaker admitted that the spot was very close to being catastrophic, and that while it was previously planned, it was still not an easy thing to do. The former WWE champion commented that he was legitimately frightened by the failure of the actions taken by him.

This is what The Undertaker stated:

I was trying to focus and hoped he could move. Honestly, that came very close to being catastrophic. It really was, and as I said, he had already made the move before. Although that was planned, that was not easy, that is not easy to do. It is not easy on the body. And then this happens, and he landed in such a bad way. I didn’t know he was going to get up, so I have to think, I have to go after him and see how he is. But man, I was really scared of what the results would be. (H / T: 411Mania)

Although Mick Foley was no stranger to taking such brutal punches and would take many more before partially withdrawing from in-ring action, this one in particular will always stand out in the minds of all fans.

The Undertaker has had great brutal struggles, during its long and illustrious career, but very few would come close to the absolute brutality and violence that the two men displayed in this heads-up.

Mankind falling from the top of The Celder Infernal with The Undertaker on top has become one of the most iconic images in WWE history.

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