WWE WrestleMania 36: The Undertaker defeats AJ Styles

The Undertaker defeats AJ Styles in WWE WrestleMania 36. The Phenom he has done it again for another year, and this time the victim has been AJ Styles. Despite his absence last year at the grand event, Taker I didn’t want to miss this year’s special edition of Wrestlemania.

How was the match?

However Undertaker resumes his character from American Bad Ass and arrives on a motorcycle.

Taker masters the action, knocks Styles down and throws him against the burial vehicle. Syles tries to escape. Undertaker does not allow it and throws it on the ground.

AJ Styles kicks him in the crotch !!!! Styles tries to take him to the grave to bury him but Taker does not allow it.

The phenomenal falls into the pit !!!!!!!

Undertaker was going to bury him, but Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson surprise Taker.

Hooded men appear behind them, Undertaker hits them and gets rid of them.

Gallows and Anderson try to hit Taker with a shovel, but the legend strikes back and knocks them out.

Styles comes to the rescue, and hits Taker with a headstone.

AJ asks Undertaker not to get up. The gravedigger stands up and Styles knocks him against the fence.

Undertaker is very tired and cannot get up, Styles insults the gravedigger.

The legend sticks his middle finger at AJ Styles, the legendary fighter can barely get up, Styles grabs the shovel and hits Undertaker.

Styles is about to bury Undertaker with a tractor full of dirt, but Taker’s supernatural powers come into play.

Undertaker appears behind Styles and lowers him from the tractor. Styles runs away and escapes to the ceiling.

The undertaker pursues Styles, however Anderson and Gallows try to make the save. Undertaker applies a Chokeslam to Gallows and a Piledriver to Anderson.

Styles is completely alone, and Undertaker applies a Chokeslam and falls from the roof !!!

Undertaker carries Styles into the pit, but not before telling him that Styles gave him a good fight. Taker hugs him and then throws him with a Boot Kick into the pit.

Undertaker throws dirt on AJ Styles to take the victory.

Winner: The Undertaker

The Deadman reveals AJ Styles’ tombstone, Undertaker’s streak increases to 25-2

Undertaker raises his fist in victory, and his symbol is shown in the background.

The dead man gets on his motorcycle and leaves the place.

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