Cristina Sánchez and Paula del Río they become the winners of the science youtubers organized by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC + i) of the Vicerrectorado of Transfer and Scientific Dissemination of the University of Murcia (UMU)

Through her accounts on science and technology, Cristina Sánchez Sánchez (@cienciamuysanchez) wins the first prize valued at € 1,200, and Paula del Río (@hayquehacerla) gets the second prize of € 600. This money can help them boost their professional career and create an informative identity.

“Both winners have stood out for knowing combine the scientific rigor of the topics covered in their interventions with their skills as communicators, proving to be an excellent youtubers and instagramers ”, explains Delfina Roca, head of the Scientific Culture Unit (UCC + i) of the UMU and promoter of the project.

A total of 18 amateur disseminators have participated in this contest called Star of Disclosure, which has stood out for the high quality of the proposals received, through which the participants have demonstrated their communication skills by approaching topics as disparate as the physics, aluminum, history, music, COVID-19, the periodic table or healthy habits.

The members of the jury have had the special collaboration of the renowned scientific popularizer Santi García Cremades (@santigarciacc), creator of the Raíz de Pi channel.

The purpose of this innovative contest has been to make science attractive through the tools most used by young people: social networks.

“Many young people lose interest in science because they do not see what is beyond the formulas that appear in textbooks,” says the winner of the contest Cristina Sánchez. “Disclosure is the perfect tool for me to teach everyone that science is everywhere and that it can be fun.”

“I had never entered YouTube as a broadcaster, and this contest gave me a push to dare. That is why I think that the popularization contests are very useful: they encourage people to try things they have never tried before, “says Paula del Río, also awarded in the contest, and who hopes to combine her activities with this hobby from now on.

Network science

During the different phases of Disclosure Stars, participants had to be able to disclose by adapting their content to two of the most followed social networks of the moment: YouTube and Instagram. In the first phase, all the participants brought different aspects of knowledge closer together through short videos on the reference audiovisual platform. The finalists selected for the second phase had to demonstrate their true scientific rigor and their ability to adapt to Instagram codes through the use of images, stories and even IGTV videos that would enhance the message.

This project has the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) – Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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