The BioSIP research group of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering of the University of Malaga has decided during these days to donate almost all the computing power of its computing resources to the fight against COVID-19 and for this, it has facilitated its connection with the server of the Standford University, where is the genome of the virus, and where the drugs that could cope with it are studied.

For this, the aforementioned calculation power of the aforementioned resources has been transferred (HPC cluster and GPUs) for the simulation of potential target proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19), by connecting to the server Standford.

As explained Andrés Ortiz, responsible for this research group, “is a small contribution so that drugs can be developed more quickly.”

This operation answers the call that Nvidia has carried out all the researchers who have a GPU to participate in the collaborative project ‘Folding at home’ to fight against COVID-19 coronavirus.

Folding @ home is a distributed computing initiative that part of the Standford University which aims to pool the resources of different computers to simulate the dynamics of the proteins involved in different diseases. “Actually, anyone who wants to can participate. The task is to connect all the personal computers and servers (of companies or institutions) that are not being used and make use of that power to build a kind of supercomputer with which to work more effectively, “says Ortiz.

The BioSiP research group ‘Biomedical signal processing, intelligent systems and communication security’ He regularly works in the field of biomedicine, so he had knowledge of the project ‘Folding at home ’.

“When the crisis of Coronavirus I started surfing the net to see if I could help and found this Standford project, so I saw that we could make our contribution with a small gesture, “says the researcher, adding that confinement has given him the opportunity Perfect: “We use our server to process other data, but it is not usually used at 100% of its capacity. So why not put it at the service of advances against COVID-19? ”.

With the participation of these teachers of the ETelecommunications school in the fight against COVID-19, together with the donation of clinical material to the Health Delegation, University of Malaga continues adding personnel -personal and material- in the task of fighting this health crisis.

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