Malaga hosts today the event of Robotics most important in Europe, the ‘European Robotics Forum ’(ERF), which brings together a thousand experts in the field to address the latest developments in fields related to artificial intelligence.

Organized by the Malaga University at the initiative of the DSystems Engineering and Automation department, the eleventh edition of the conference is held in the Trade Fair Palace from the capital until March 5, 2020. This event takes place every year in a different place of Europe, chosen through competitive applications. Until now, only one edition had been held in Spain, the first in 2010 (San Sebastián). It is sponsored by SPARC, a mixed entity between euRobotics (European Robotics Network) and own European Comission. It is, therefore, the reference appointment for the European Comission in this field. The Malaga University is the local organizer, and the Malaga City Council and the Andalusian Technology Park.

The rector of the University, José Ángel Narváez, has been in charge of opening this meeting, in which around 50 exhibitors show the latest advances in Robotics, which are joined by talks, workshops, workshops, exhibitions and interviews scheduled throughout the three days.

The rector has been accompanied at the inauguration by the mayor of the city, Francisco de la Torre; the Vice President of EuRobotics, Rainer Bischoff, Fernando Ferrero, on behalf of the IDEA Agency and the professor of Systems and Automation Engineering at the UMA Alfonso García Cerezo, organizer of the contest with the teacher Jesús Fernández.

The quote from ‘ERF2020’Has attracted up Malaga to important companies, universities and research institutes, who will show throughout the three days of the Forum the most advanced European prototypes, products, services and projects financed within the framework of the research program of the European Union ‘Horizon 2020’. The new program will also be presented at this Fair ‘Horizon Europe ’.

Research development

Workshops, exhibitions, exhibitions, talks and interviews will Malaga and of the UMA a unique window to the latest developments in European research, given that the ERF has become the event of Robotics leader in Europe by showing the latest advances in Robotics and artificial intelligence for the benefit of society. Among other things, exhibitors can see robots dedicated to emergency rescue, exoskeletons intended for the mobility of people with diseases or drones.


The European Robotics Forum is organized by euRobotics (non-profit organization based in Brussels) Y SPARC, the public-private partnership for robotics in Europe that form euRobotics and the European Comission. The objective of both entities is to strategically position European robotics in the world. In fact, SPARC It is the largest research and innovation program in civil robotics, with 700 million euros financed by the European Comission between 2014 and 2020, which tripled thanks to the investment of the European industry, reaching 2,800 million euros.

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