The Ultra Clean Maraton removes 1 ton of waste and raises € 15,000

Jun 11, 2021 at 2:04 PM CEST

At 07:00 in the morning of World Environment Day The runners of the 24 teams were meeting in Terrassa ready to start the 60 kilometer journey, running and collecting waste, that is, practicing plogging.

From 08:00 to 10:00 hours two hundred volunteers, among which the new Minister of Climate Action Teresa Jordà and a fortnight of entities had gone out to the beaches, breakwaters and under the sea to collect more waste.

Before 7:00 p.m. everyone had arrived at the Moll de Marina, next to the Olympic Port, with its bags full of waste.

Among runners and volunteers, 1 ton of waste was removed from natural spaces on Saturday, June 5.

Plogging brokers

In total there have been 217 runners, these are groups of sports fans and nature lovers, some linked to hiking or sports centers, such as those in Viladrau or the team of the Catalunya Swimming Club, brands and sports companies from the world of sports, such as Salomon, clear winner of the ultra Marathon with a time of 4:40 minutes, or Klassmark, which sent a female team that came in second place, groups already fans of plogging, such as Petjada Verda, those of Alicante Plogging Rrevolution, or the Lleida & rdquor;Planet Consciousness& rdquor ;, and many other companies and organizations that wanted to join the environmental NGOs through this career: Gili Trail, Peusa Energia, Allianz, Qlikk, PayExpert, Girbau, Recyduo, the Catalan Association of Municipalities, the Consorci del Besòs or the sponsors of the event, Urbaser and BBVA.

Nature conservation funds

In total, the teams have managed to raise € 15,800 for nature conservation projects of environmental entities, consolidating the Ultra Clean Marathon into a sustainable sport project.

Satisfaction between runners and organization

Des de la Xarxa per a la Conservació de la Natura, promoter of the race together with the Waste Agency of Catalonia, have expressed their satisfaction. ” We are happy to see the runners happy. They already announced with Klassmark that it was a varied and fun route, with beautiful landscapes, mountain sections and urban sections … Now we would love for these pairings that emerged on the occasion of the Ultra Clean Marathon to be the beginning of beautiful relationships with the entities environmental & rdquor ;. “We have united sports and the environment and we have created a“ Tinder & rdquor; environmental & rdquor; joked Albert bosch, ambassador of the initiative, who ran together with Erika nuñez the complete itinerary without doing relays.

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