The Jaen University, through its Vice-Rector’s Office for Research, has adhered to the Food For Life-Spain Technology Platform (PTF4LS), which is defined as a space that aims to stimulate research, development and innovation (R + D + i) in the Food and Beverage Industry (IAB) through the dissemination of existing knowledge and opportunities.

To do this, this platform facilitates collaboration between companies, technology and research centers, administration and funders in order to generate projects that allow the agri-food industry to be at the forefront of innovation applied to products and processes..

Among its members are entities such as ACESUR, Zabala Consulting, IRTA, ASAJA or FIAB, as described on its website. On the other hand, the currently established working groups are: Technology Training and Transfer; Food and Health; Quality, Production and Sustainability; Food and Consumer; Food safety; Chain Management; Horeca sector; Fruit and Vegetable Sector; Containers and packaging; Meat Sector, and Dairy Sector.

Also, the Food for Life-Spain Technology Platform (PTF4LS) is part of Inter-platform Group on Circular Economy, initiative to identify opportunities from the field of R&D for the adoption of the concept of industrial symbiosis in strategic industrial sectors in Spain, as a first step in the transition to the circular economy.

The Office of International Projects (OFIPI) of the Vice-Rector’s Office for Research at the UJA, through the international project manager Nieves Muñoz García, It will serve as a contact point for potential interested parties to attend the meetings of the working groups.

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