The University of Granada (UGR) has received more than 3.3 million euros for the acquisition of scientific material and the improvement of research infrastructures, through the Call for Aid for R + D + i infrastructures and equipment, of the Andalusian Plan for Research, Development and Innovation (PAIDI 2020).

The UGR thus becomes the Andalusian university that receives the most funding in this call (Exactly, € 3,359,880.44) and the second in terms of the number of projects with 10, only behind the University of Seville, which has achieved 13.

The three research projects of the UGR that will receive more funding from the Board for the acquisition of scientific material and the improvement of research infrastructures are the equipment of the IISTA to increase the internationalization of the Andalusian contribution to the study of Global change (with 813,924.38 euros); Liquid helium free superconducting magnet (7 tesla of highly homogeneous magnetic field) for the Ion and Laser Trap Laboratory (632,050 euros) and Enuino of Measures of Physical Properties (600,240 euros).

The technological improvement of the Unit of Excellence for the study of the aging disorders (552,552 euros); the infrastructure for the expansion and empowerment of Services of the Animal Behavior Analysis Unit of the Scientific Instrumentation Center of the UGR (291,594 euros); Human microbiota reference laboratory: anaerobiosis micro-organism manipulation station and accessories for optimization and harmonization of the phenotypic and genotypic analysis of the microbiota and its impact on nutrition and health (€ 190,740); Portable Raman spectrometer with spatial compensation system (SORSl) with 96,726 euros; provision and improvement of the Building Structures Laboratory (LEE) with 90,470 euros; the adaptation of the Pervasive Electronics Advanced Research Laboratory (PEARL) for impedance measurement and development of efficient energy conversion circuits (79,130 ​​euros), and a project for small equipment for the UGR Structural Engineering Laboratory (12,452 euros).

The vice-rector for Research and Transfer of the UGR, Enrique Herrera, points out that the UGR has received 17.24% of the total number of projects awarded and 24.33% of the total amount of the call, “which is a great boost and support for research at our university, which continues to grow in all areas of knowledge ”.

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