The UCI condemns the racist insults against Nacer Bouhanni

04/07/2021 at 12:54 CEST

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has condemned the racist comments towards the French runner of Algerian origin Nacer Bouhanni. The athlete announced that he will report to court the attacks against him after the incident he starred in in a sprint of the Cholet-Pays de Loire race, in which Briton Jake Stewart was injured.

In a press release, the UCI disapproved of racial discrimination against cyclists:“The UCI strongly condemns the racist attacks against French runner Nacer Bouhanni on social media after his disqualification due to his dangerous behavior during the final sprint of the Cholet-Pays de Loire test “, they explained.

The highest body in world cycling, which will judge Bouhanni’s irregular behavior in that competition, does not consider the insults he receives to be arguable. “Nothing justifies the insults of which he was a victim in the days after the fact of which he is accused“, they explained.

The UCI recalled in the press release its cunconditional commitment against any form of discrimination, whatever the reasons. “This Federation, either through its statutes, its Code of Ethics or its programs, defends and promotes the principles of inclusion and respect for others,” the statement concluded.