The University of Almería has organized together with PITA, Almería Scientific and Technological Park, an information day to publicize the scientific-technological cooperation projects in North Africa and the Middle East of the PRIMA program, as well as other financial instruments of the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

COUSIN, Association for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean area, It is the most ambitious joint program to be undertaken in the framework of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. With a duration of 10 years, 19 countries participate in it and it has a financing of 500 million euros, 71 million in this call. It works in three areas: water management, agrarian systems and the agri-food value chain. There is a first phase open until April 1 and the second phase, for those who pass and have the complete project, which ends on September 2.

For the Vice Chancellor for Research at the UAL, Diego Valera, PRIMA It is “of vital importance for our province due to its orientation towards agri-food systems. In it we find a financing framework to solve common problems in the entire Mediterranean basin ”.

In addition, Valera has highlighted the importance of holding these types of events that “allow us to get to know the existing financing programs, their calls, as well as the possibilities they offer to hold bilateral meetings with national experts (to test whether you show project ideas cover the expectations of the calls) and to know success stories of project ideas that have obtained funding in previous calls ”.

In addition, the vice-rector has insisted on the importance of collaboration between the UAL and entities and companies, SMEs and large companies, to carry out projects and that these reach society in the form of new products and services that increase growth and employment in the province. To date, within the calls for European projects, the UAL has 30 projects underway with a budget of 170 million euros.

For his part, the general director of PITA, Diego Clemente, stressed the importance of this conference and indicated that COUSIN its objective is “to promote research and innovation capacities and the development of knowledge and innovative solutions aimed at improving the efficiency, protection, safety and sustainability of agrifood systems and the integrated supply and management of water in Mediterranean management”.

A goal that is born in the face of the impact of climate change, unsustainable agricultural practices, overexploitation of natural resources, new lifestyle behaviors (diet, physical and sociocultural activity) and the low profitability of small producers in sustainable development and healthy of the region. Challenges that can only be addressed through common efforts and resources with a research and innovation approach.

By last, Antonio Palanco, from the Andalusian Knowledge Agency, thanked all the collaborating entities for their effort to start this conference and anticipate that within the framework of the program COUSIN the entities of Andalusia they have raised more than 25 million euros to date.

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