Mathematics is under the skin. The geometry of cells is fundamental in biomedicine to try to emulate nature by creating artificial organs or to discover some abnormal cell growth. These are some brushstrokes of the talk “The geometry of your life” offered by the popularizer and doctor in Mathematics from the UUniversity of Seville, Clara Grima, during the II Conference of Science Students of the University of Alicante that were held until today in the Assembly Hall of the Aulario II.

The opening ceremony, which took place yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, February 25, had the Vice-Rector for Students and Employment, Nuria Grané; the dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Luis Gras; the president of the Delegation of Science Students, Vicente Lillo; and with the students of Chemistry and Biology of the UA, respectively, Alba de Juan and Ana Gómez, event coordinators. Both the Vice-Rector for Students and Employment and the Dean of the Science Faculty They highlighted the level of the event and the speakers, and the great work of coordinating students from the eight grades offered by the Faculty. “The organization of a conference like this where you have overcome many challenges and acquired strengths and competences of great importance for your employability and professional future is of great value to your training,” said Nuria Grané.

For two days, February 25 and 26, 2020, UA students have organized this event to bring science closer to more than a hundred attendees. Today’s session continued until 7:30 p.m. with the researcher Nicolas Cuenca and his conference “From Ramón y Cajal to the present day. The retina as a window to the brain and therapeutic applications for the treatment of blindness ”; “Climate Change: truths and lies” of David Garcia; “Prevalence of myopia: evolution in recent years and related risk factors” by Ana Tauste; and Nahum Chazarra with “Let’s do citizen science: helping to better understand our planet (among all)”.

In addition, the organization has prepared a ‘Scientific gymkana’With tests on different topics, workshops on chemistry, physics, biology… a mathematical rally with the collaboration of the Mathematical Disclosure Group of the University of Alicante- Dimates, and a lunch prepared by students of the Degree in Gastronomy of the UA.

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