The Twitch problem and music copyright (opinion)

Before I start to give my point of view on Twitch and all the trouble that has been generated with the DMCA (Copyright Act of the Digital Age) and copyright of music, I want to make something clear.

When I found out that this was going to happen, that music was not going to be allowed on Twitch and that there was going to be a wave of bans, I threw my hands at my head, and I do not stream on the platform, nor do I think Do it.

But spending so many years consuming content on Twitch and seeing that streamers like Evangelion, Snoodyboo, ElXokas or Holasoysergio They couldn’t put their music on their live shows, it made me think: « God, this isn’t going to be the same or as a joke. »

I was wrong, luckily. I got used; Instead of listening to the rock classics with Snoody or Evan or Van Gogh’s Ear with Sergio (although he still plays them), I put my music in the background and enjoy the content.

It’s not the same, but hey, what can you do? But after seeing that Twitch can begin to ban channels for using music from the video games themselves, yes yes, music from INSIDE videogames, made me consider writing this review.

Let’s see, it is clear that music needs to be taken care of, that not just any content creator, streamer or youtuber can use music just like that. But it’s not their fault, it’s Twitch’s.

If the purple platform had been put to work on this issue before (before, as expected, it gave the final blow at the social level), perhaps there would have been other solutions, and not the ones they provide.

Because if, the solutions that Twitch gives is that streamers delete their clips, their recorded videos and, ultimately, their life on the platform. Do you know what it hurts to erase all your memories from YOUR channel? It does not make any sense.

I usually watch live streams, but who knows how many times I have been to see Illojuan’s VODs, as well as his clips, watching him play dumb and talking to his followers. Well you know what? I can no longer because of the copyright of Twitch.

I imagine this has angered a lot of people like me, and it’s not fair. It really isn’t. This will surely go further, as one Twitter user says: « The next thing is that the recorded sounds, such as bullet shots, are also bannable. » Really? Are we going to get to this?

Obviously, not everything is black. Twitch has put solutions, such as non-copyrighted music with extensions of the platform, or a new collaboration with Monstercat, an artist who puts music to games like Rocket League.

I think it’s good that music and its rights are protected; I think it’s good that you can get banned if it is shown that someone has profited from music that is not theirs, but I think there were better ways to do all this and not by erasing the LIFE of the channels.

I’m not going to lie to you, my thing is to play video games, watch electronic sports, consume Twitch and gather lyrics (the latter, perhaps, not to everyone’s liking), and it is clear that I do not know about rights, music and copyright. But I am sorry for what is happening with Twitch, and I am afraid that it will become YouTube 2.0.