The tweets for which rapper Pablo Hasél went to prison in Spain Chile News

Tributes to those convicted of terrorism, accusations of torture to the police and of corruption to the monarchy … These are some of the tweets that led Spanish rapper Pablo Hasél to prison on Tuesday, sparking a series of violent demonstrations.

The Spanish justice sentenced the singer in 2018 to nine months in prison for glorifying terrorism, and to a fine for insults and slander against the police and the crown, spilled in more than 60 tweets published between 2014 and 2016.


« The demonstrations are necessary but not sufficient, let’s support those who have gone further », the rapper wrote in those messages, also calling himself « proud of those who responded to the police attacks. »

On his account, which at that time had more than 54,000 followers, The rapper pays tribute to members of Spanish armed groups, such as the GRAPO (First October Antifascist Resistance Groups), accused of a thousand violent actions between 1975 and 2003 in Spain, including 80 murders and assassination attempts and several kidnappings.

His tributes to the GRAPO earned him a two-year prison sentence in 2014 for exalting terrorismBut then he didn’t end up behind bars because he had no criminal record.

Hasél also mentioned as references in his tweets some members of the Basque armed separatist organization ETA, extinct in 2018, and that in four decades of violence killed at least 853 people with car bombs and gunfire.

In previous songs his tone was direct and brutal. “You think you are a great businessman smoking cigars, you fucking butt. I hope the GRAPO come back and bring you to your knees ”, he sang in 2010.


In his tweets, Pablo Hasél also accuses the Spanish forces of order of torture and murder, using formulas such as « Nazi-onal police ».

“50 police officers injured? These shitty mercenaries bite their tongues hitting hosts and say they are wounded ”, tweeted in 2014.

“Civil Guard torturing or shooting immigrants? Democracy. Jokes about fascists? Apology of terrorism ”, add in another tweet.


His other favorite target is the Spanish monarchy.

In his conviction, justice highlights a formula used in one of his songs, “Juan Carlos el Bobón”, a play on words with the surname of the one who was king of Spain between 1975 and 2014.

Hasél accuses the royal family of corruption and incest and wishes one of the daughters « the guillotine » by Juan Carlos de Borbón when we have the information.

The rapper also released another song titled « Death to the Bourbons », although this was not indicated by justice.

Equally dismisses the Spanish royalty as « fascist », qualifies Juan Carlos as a « mafioso » because of his closeness to the Saudi monarchy, and it says that the current monarch Felipe VI is a « parasite. »