The Turvo Levo 2022 from Specialized is a robust and lightweight electric bike designed for the trail and the most demanding routes

As electric bicycles become popular, their features also become more specialized, and in the last few years we have been finding models for different uses, increasingly resistant, lighter and with better autonomy. Trail bikes also benefit from this advancement and now we see models as complete as the new one. Specialized Turvo Levo Gen 3.

Specialized is a brand that has decades of experience in the traditional bicycle and not so much in the electric ones, but little by little it is creating a reputation of reference in the sector with its models of the Turbo Levo series. This is the third generation of this model, focused on trail and mountain skills. as is clear from the design at a first glance.

Light and robust

Specialized Turvo Levo 20022 03

The brand, in its own description, says that “there are no mountain bikes, there is Stumpjumper”, appealing to one of its own models (of the popular and pioneer). And this determination is evident in the design of the 2022 Tuvo Leno, which maintains the DNA of its predecessor and shows an aesthetic and design equivalent to current Stumpjumpers.

The picture is of carbon fiber, like the Sport model of the Porsche models, but in this case it stands out that (as in the previous model) the reinforcement is maintained by connecting the vertical and horizontal tubes with an added tube. This new model introduces a combination of two different diameters speaking of the front wheel (27.5 inches) and the front wheel (29 inches).

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Despite this, the Specialized model does not manage to be as light as the Orbea Rise, an electric mountain bike weighing only 16 kilograms. Stays in 22.04 kg (in the intermediate size), which is not bad either.

Specialized Turvo Levo 20022 05Specialized Turvo Levo 20022 05

In order to accommodate its user as much as possible, the Turvo Levo 2022 offers the possibility of customize geometry to a high degree, being able to modify the opening angle or the height of the bottom bracket. With this it has up to six adjustment possibilities, so that one can be chosen for greater speed or one that makes the bike more manageable.

Top tube integrates a small screen With which the user can have a series of information, such as the assistance mode that has been activated. In addition, the brand has an app (for iOS and Android) with which you can adjust the assistance modes, check the status of some components and have the already common activity log functions.

Specialized Turvo Levo 20022 02Specialized Turvo Levo 20022 02

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Speaking of the engine, the Turbo Levo integrates a Turbo Full Power engine with power up to 565 watts and 90 Nm of maximum torque. This engine provides three modes of electric assistance, in any case reaching a maximum of 25 km / hour: Eco, Trail and Turbo.

To power it, it has a 700 Wh battery, speaking of a range of between 25 and 70 kilometers per charge and a charging time given by the mark is 5 hours and 15 minutes, an interval that covers varied conditions depending on the terrain, the unevenness, the pedaling cadence, the user’s weight or the chosen mode.

Price and availability of the Specialized Turvo Levo 2002

Specialized Turvo Levo 20022 06Specialized Turvo Levo 20022 06

The usual thing is that going to a specialized electric bike is not cheap and this model is no exception. The base model of the Turvo Levo 2022, the Turbo Levo Pro, part of the 11,499 euros, and the most advanced model, the S-Works, for 13,999 euros.

They appear on the Spanish website, although for now there is no availability on it and it indicates that local distributors should be consulted.

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