The “Turkish curse” delays the open premiere of the second season of ‘The village’

‘El pueblo’ was born in Mediaset under the creative supervision of Alberto Caballero, Nando Abad and Julián Sastre, but its distribution has been more in tune with the Amazon Prime Video model than with that of Telecinco. As with its first season, the second one premiered first on the streaming platform on February 14, 2020, and the idea is that the new episodes are broadcast free. In fact, Its promotion started at the beginning of the year, but its arrival in prime time has yet to materialize. Given this delay, Caballero has taken to Twitter to clarify what is happening.

Ingrid Rubio and Santi Millán in ‘El pueblo’ and Alberto Caballero

In response to a user who appealed directly to him to ask when the second season will be broadcast open, the scriptwriter did not take long to respond, although the question of the fan of the series is still on the air. « It is supposed to be broadcast in February … but the Turkish curse is leaving us without space. A shame, « assured Caballero.

It is true that the main chain of Mediaset is betting heavily on Turkish series like ‘Love is in the air’. In addition, it has acquired other formats of a dramatic nature to compete directly with the high audiences that Antena 3 has achieved with ‘Mujer (Kadin) and’ Mi hija ‘. Therefore, it will be time to wait to return to Peñafría.

Telecinco’s bets

The data speaks for itself considering that Antena 3 occupies three days of the week with ‘Mujer’ in prime time and always manages to be the leader. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the audience exceeds 17%. Numbers that ‘El pueblo’ also reached on Telecinco during its broadcast. Nevertheless, Mediaset continues to bet heavily on ‘Love is in the air’ and ‘The island of temptations’, the latter sweeping once more during its third season, with 27.5% screen quota on its most recent installment.