The truth behind Xbox consoles that ‘blow smoke’

A few days ago Xbox finally launched its new generation X and S consoles, which were one of the most anticipated this year and which obviously had all Microsoft followers saving to have both devices in which Microsoft innovated in terms of size and high-end.

Although everything was happiness for those who could acquire their consoles (as well as sadness for those who could not do it), everything changed when this Thursday, November 12, the Twitter user @AllGamesDelta_ posted a video where he recorded the smoke output from his console, pointing out that it was a glitch in the Xbox Series X.

For the roasted carnita?  The truth behind Xbox consoles that 'blow smoke' For the roasted carnita?  The truth behind Xbox consoles that 'blow smoke'

Photo: Microsoft

Users claimed that their Xbox consoles were smoking due to a glitch

Immediately other people replied to the original tweet stating that the same thing happened to their Xbox consoles. This began to go viral on the web and caused fear among buyers and future Microsoft customers, because considering that the Xbox Series X is around 9 thousand Mexican pesos, the net one would think about it before spending that expense.

The rumors forced the Xbox team not only to go out and clarify that the videos are not real, but also to they asked people to please not use vapers (or e-cigarettes) to pretend that their consoles are smoking as if they were in a Sunday meeting in Nuevo León. And it is that this can affect the operation of the device.

These are fake videos that can damage your console if you imitate them

Through his twitter account, Xbox sent a clear and forceful message to his followers: “We can’t believe we have to say this, but please don’t blow vaper smoke on your Xbox Series X” indicated the company, attaching in a second tweet an online support center for any failure that users have with their consoles.

On Twitter, many began to point out @AllGamesDelta_ as an account that is constantly dedicated to attacking anything that does not come from Sony, for which they accused the user of sabotage and apparently the messages were so many that the subject had no choice but to delete his video claiming that there were “too many toxic people and stupid comments.”

For the roasted carnita?  The truth behind Xbox consoles that 'blow smoke' For the roasted carnita?  The truth behind Xbox consoles that 'blow smoke'

Photo: Twitter

In social networks they already show how easy it is to recreate the videos with the Xbox consoles that smoke

On the other hand, to verify that it is very easy to simulate that an Xbox is burning / smoking, The Xbox Studio team was given the task of showing in a video how with the help of a vaporizer you can create the white smoke that comes out of the console, it is enough to blow the steam towards the console so that it appears that it is burning.

Check out the video below:

Now it is not even clearer, don’t you think? But hey, they say that “the bad, the good” and these videos of the smoking Xbox left us some memes that here we show you already entered the subject: