The best-known community of the small screen faces a new stage after the twelfth season that viewers will see in a few months. ‘La que se avecina’ has been renewed by a new batch of episodes that will have important novelties, including a change of building. The series will leave Mirador de Montepinar and premiere location and characters and is that as Alberto Caballero advanced, the historical figures of the same will remain but new faces will also be incorporated.

‘The one that is coming’

Before knowing the news, the future of the series was completely in the air and some of its actors even claimed that two different endings had been recorded and did not know which one would air. « We had talked a lot with Alberto for a while and he had already pointed out a similar ending. When the end came, there were two and we still don’t know which one will ride« For example, Jordi Sánchez explained. Well, now the creator of the series wanted to clarify what the final stretch will really be like of this season 12 that will be seen in a few months on Amazon Prime Video and Telecinco.

This has made it clear that two endings have not really been recorded, as some interpreters explain. In an interview with El País, he states that « There really are not two. There is only one ending and a sequence that we taunt, and that we can only teach when the end of season 12 is broadcast open. But I think he will like it. « In this way, Caballero has made it clear that the end has been clear from the first moment and that the sequence the actors talk about is something they will teach once the entire chapter is seen on Telecinco. Beyond this, the producer has not given further details on what has been prepared.

Caballero: « Leaving the sets has been a move multiplied by 20 »

At the same time, he wanted to tell about the process of leaving the sets in Moraleja de Enmedio (Madrid) where his producer Contubernio filmed the series until now. « It was like a move, but multiplied by twenty and in record timeBecause we had a set release date and with the Covid-19 we had to stop production like everyone else, « he explained, recounting afterwards that thanks to the effort of his team, they were able to meet the times without problems. « We didn’t know if we were going to be able to do it and in the end we almost had days left », Caballero has stated. It should be noted that once the filming in the studios was completed, he and his team filmed the remaining exteriors later, ending the recording of the season just a few weeks ago.

Satisfied with landing on Amazon

This has also wanted to take stock of the landing of ‘La se avecina’ on Amazon Prime Video since the platform has exclusively released the first half of this twelfth season. « I like that people can see ‘La que se avecina’ whenever they want and without ads », confesses this, and is that Caballero believes that « the feeling is better, more similar to when we see it in montage ». For this reason, he is convinced that the fact that for many fans it is the best season of all has a lot to do with this new way of viewing. « The feeling is better, more similar to when we see it in montage (…) the season is already one of people’s favorites, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it was released on Amazon. « As for his performance once he returns to Telecinco, he is calm and that is how and as you remember, « We premiered ‘El Pueblo’ on Amazon and even then later on open it has been the most watched series. »