The Trump era ends as it began: with the border crossing triggered

The 69,237 undocumented persons who were detained or considered inadmissible at the southern border in what is the worst month of October in years show a clear upward trend in the last months of President Donald Trump’s term, who presumed at the beginning of his presidency to have put an end to illegal migration.

Four years ago, in the last month of the campaign before the 2016 elections in which Trump used immigration as one of the main electoral assets, the number of undocumented persons was 66,842, very similar to last October, when the president’s team he boasted of the success of his measures, including the advancement of the border wall construction.

In October, a total of 66,337 people were detained at ports of entry on the southwest border, compared to 54,771 in September and 47,283 in August, according to data released Thursday by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). , but without the usual teleconference or communication to highlight the achievements.

To those detainees must be added the 2,900 people who showed up at ports of entry on the southwestern border and were deemed inadmissible, compared to 2,903 in September and 2,731 in August.


Although it is true that in the first months of 2017 and during the president’s term, the border crossing figures fell dramatically due to the so-called “Trump effect”, the situation has been changing gradually and since last April, when there was another drop due to the incidence After the pandemic, the number of immigrants arriving at the southern border has not stopped rising.

Now that he has just over 50 days left in the White House, the outlook is very different from the one Trump presumed and that he was going to achieve with his battery of measures aimed at reducing illegal immigration, including the separation of families and the almost suspension of asylum.

Not even in October 2007, when 60,713 migrants were detained during the Central American crisis, had the figures for this beginning of fiscal year 2021 been reached.

But this situation will get even worse, said activist Carmen Cornejo.

“There are several situations that are happening at this historical moment, on the one hand the lack of investment towards the Central and South American countries. The pandemic has devastated the local economy, and we are already seeing the devastating consequences of climate change ”with the arrival of hurricanes Iota and Eta, said the political analyst.

He mentioned that these conditions, added to the “bad” policies of the Trump administration, which were never generous with Central American countries, will lead to a dizzying increase in migration to the United States in the coming months.

“These countries will be pressed by necessity and migration will continue to increase. Let’s hope that the Joe Biden administration promotes investment so that they have an economic change and people see hope in their countries and do not feel the need to emigrate as the only option for their future, “he said.


As an example of the current and future panorama, agents of the Border Patrol of the Rio Grande Valley Sector apprehended 100 immigrants in different operations, from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

And all despite the construction of a new section of the border wall in the area, as much as the Trump administration has insisted on highlighting the supposed effectiveness.

Cornejo differs from such assertion and points out that it has not worked and also “was built in a completely irregular way, devastating the natural flow, invading sacred regions of natives and with serious structural flaws.”


Of the 66,337 detainees, a total of 59,683 were expelled from the country expeditiously in compliance with the so-called “Title 42”, by which federal agents have been able to expel immigrants since last March, arguing a supposed health emergency due to covid-19.

Last March, Vice President Mike Pence ordered the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to use its emergency powers to effectively seal the borders of the United States, despite the reluctance shown by the country’s main health agency, according to press reports.

Following this highly criticized action, a federal judge this week ordered the Trump administration to suspend the expulsion of unaccompanied migrant children detained at the border without allowing them to make refugee or asylum requests, dealing a severe blow to the measures imposed by the administration by the health emergency.

In the order, the judge warned that unaccompanied migrant children who are detained by border agents must receive the safeguards that Congress established for them and place them in government-supervised shelters during their immigration proceedings.

“The Trump administration took the model of separation already implanted and took it to a horrifying and inhuman extreme, it is a daring to deport children without any family member, good God. This resulted in parents not found, lost children, minors who are in questionable custody or in the wrong settings, such as hotels, ”Cornejo denounced.