The trilogy and a possible consequence of the ‘franchise invention’

The return at 38 years of the four division champion and true legend of the minor divisions, Donnie Nietes, surprised locals and strangers.

The Filipino, who had not fought for more than two years, managed to beat Colombian Pablo Carrillo on the cards and although he is not classified in the WBO ranking, in that fight the WBO allowed him to win a title as artificial as it was strategic: the international champion.

Immediately, what one imagines is that the WBO intends to revive that desired rematch against Kazuto Ioka whom Nietes defeated in his last fight in a divided decision, controversial and grass for all the controversies. It is clear that between the two, there are pending accounts.

However, there is another reason that could even be more powerful for the WBO to bring Nietes into the 115-pound ring: the Estrada and González trilogy. It is not a novelty that total uncertainty about what will happen after that fight in which neither the Puerto Peñasco nor the Nicaraguan will win a title.

If Estrada wins, he will remain under that insulting status of ‘franchise fighter’ and will see how Sor Rungvisai or Carlos Cuadras will celebrate on the same night as the new WBC super flyweight champion.

And it will be worse in the event of a Chocolatito victory; he can only aspire to be a diamond champion. So, in lowercase. That possible ‘shot in the foot’ of the WBC will have consequences and one of them could be that the trilogy ends up leading González and Estrada towards another organism.

And the OMB seems to be preparing to fish in troubled waters. A possibility that I analyzed with Fred Granados, in my weekly talk for the Facebook group, Box Azteca and that is the subject of this video.