The trick to clean your coolers and leave them as new

Despite the recent boom in teleworking, there are still many people who eat outside the home, at their workplace, and that is why they use daily so handy portable refrigerators to preserve the tuppers. The problem is that due to use, they get dirty easily.

An Australian mother has shared on her Instagram account an infallible trick to wash these little fridges and that they are as new to fill them with food again.

The first step is to sprinkle the inside of the refrigerator with sodium bicarbonate. Subsequently, what you have to do is rub the corners with an old toothbrush.

The loose dust is then wiped off with a dry cloth before putting the lunch box in the washing machine. The woman, named Liz Amaya, added laundry detergent, vinegar, and essential oil to help clean the fridge.

The last step consists of put the fridge to dry in the sun. This is important because doing it this way helps eliminate lingering odors built up over a period of daily use.