The oral trial of the car reducer Carlos Telleldín the AMIA attack will resume next week through a videoconference system. This was resolved by the Federal Oral Court 3, which yesterday carried out a technological test and notified all parties of its resumption, after the stoppage at the end of March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Judicial sources informed Infobae which will be next Wednesday at 10 am. It will be done by « Jitsi meet », a platform of the Council of the Magistracy of the Nation. All the parties – the accused with his defense, the Prosecutor’s Office and the complaint – will be from their homes or places of work. The same as three of the four judges that make up the court. The magistrate Andrés Basso, President of the Tribunal, will do so from a Comodoro PY courtroom.

Telleldín is the only accused in the case and is accused of for having conditioned and delivered the trafic van that was used to fly the Jewish mutual AMIA on July 18, 1994. 85 people died and 151 were wounded in what was the second terrorist attack in Argentina, after the attack on the Israeli embassy two years earlier.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation confirmed in 2009 the nullity of the first trial but said that the Telleldín case was outside that decision and should be tried again. Thus, last May he began to be tried by the Federal Oral Court, which for this case is made up of the Basso judges, Javier Ríos, Fernando Canero and as a fourth magistrate Adrian Grünberg. At the trial, 70 witnesses have already testified and at the end of March it was suspended when compulsory isolation was declared and all oral proceedings remain stand by.

In April, chamberlain Basso asked the Judicial Council which virtual platform was suitable to continue the trial remotely, a system that many courts required to continue the processes after three months of standstill.

Neither party to the process objected. Telleldín’s defense, the prosecutors Abel Córdoba and Roberto Salum and the AMIA-DAIA complaints and the relatives of the victims of the attack gave their support to continue the case through the videoconference. Yesterday there was a test that had no problems. It was not the same case that the oral court had that tried businessman Lázaro Báez for money laundering. That trial was going to resume tomorrow but there were failures in the testing and, in principle, it was rescheduled for June 1.

The trial of Telleldín will restart with the exhibition of the witnesses that witnesses already gave in the first trial that took place in 2003. There are 28 testimonies of people who for different reasons cannot attend to testify but that the parties consider important for the case. they already said. The court proposed that such evidence be exhibited so as not to delay the hearings since these are videos. But the parties opposed it and are going to pass in the hearings by teleconference.

The similarity between that trial and that of Telleldín is that the parties are few, unlike that of Báez where there are more than 40 defendants, the Prosecutor’s Office.