The Trash Bag Killer Is Inspired By A True Story

Riverdale: The Trash Bag Killer Is Inspired By A True Story
February 16, 2021 12:28 hs

The CW will release the next episode of ‘Riverdale’ with a new story after the jump in time, with certain radical changes in its main characters and the inclusion of new ones. Betty Cooper, character from Lili Reinhart, He is one of the most targeted for a major trauma experienced in the past 7 years after graduation from Riverdale High.

Betty Cooper is an intern at the FBI during ‘Riverdale 5’.

In her adult life Betty became FBI intern, with aspirations to be an agent of the police force. From his adolescent stage, the character was in charge of tracking down different serial killers, so it is not strange that he chose this course for his life.

Sadly, during this time jump, Lili Reinhart’s character ran into a terrible serial killer who was called in the youth drama: the killer from the garbage bag. The psychopathic killer kidnapped Betty for two weeks, but when police forces arrived, she escaped.

Did you know that it is inspired by a real case? The garbage bag serial killer featured in ‘Riverdale’ is inspired by a real life psychopath originally known as « The Highway Killer. »

It’s about the serial killer named Patrick Kearney, who is also known as « The Garbage Bag Killer », as it was his custom to dispose of the bodies of his victims in garbage bags.

Kearney is an American who is currently 81 years old and remains in prison for 43 crimes that he allegedly committed between the years 1965 and 1977. While in ‘Riverdale’ the murderer takes advantage of young women, in real life his victims were men he found in gay bars and on highways.