There’s no way to accurately describe how much we feel witnessing a live, live concert. The closest thing would be to say that you feel a wave of different emotions attacking, when some people on stage play their instruments and sing some lyrics that reach your most sensitive.

In addition, we wait months and sometimes years (or outright we wait) for the songs we like the most to come to life in front of us and, for a few hours, we forget everything and enjoy that moment called happiness. The experience ends when you buy a shirt that you will wear until it falls apart or some other souvenir that you will have with you until the grave.

That is enough for us, but all this we love is on hiatus.

Threats to person-to-person concerts have been around the scene for a while. Recall that at Coachella 2012, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg decided to invite Tupac Shakur to the stage, bringing him from the afterlife for a couple of songs:

The next day, fan proposals were unleashed to bring back in digital format several artists who came forward, and the truth is that until now it has been a total failure. What’s more, those who tried to do so ended up planning fiascos such as the tour of Frank Zappa on a screen that did not look so good, and even canceled on CDMX.

And since there is never a fool missing, BASE Holograms already has “bookeadas” the images of Maria Callas, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, and Whitney Houston for their next tours in 2020 and 2021. The truth is that Holly could give him a little grief oblivious to some, with exaggerated movements and costumes, but Orbison is not entirely wrong.

For true fans of the live concert, holograms remain an alternative option that doesn’t have that soul and sweat in every move on stage, but, What if the band is totally virtual? Ah, that path has also been explored.

For example, Hatsune Miku is a completely virtual Japanese pop star, who inherits the ideas of pioneering bands like Gorillaz, from whom we can remember this presentation that combines real members and others on screens.

Add to that that in 2016 Live Nation broadcast virtual reality concerts that even took you backstage, for example from Slash, and you didn’t even have to leave your house, worry about arriving at the event or remember not to leave the ticket (it has happened to all of us).

And if that was not enough, Grimes stated in a podcast late last year that live music will be obsolete soon as everyone is chasing a world without blemishes and fake. The truth hurts and makes us think about what we are looking for in the artistic media, if the “happy mistakes” by Bob Ross or impeccable presentations in which there is no mistake, such as MC Dinero. PLOP!

Another situation is the environment, since tame Impala announced an alliance with Reverb to reduce the impact of their presentations and the most radical ones, ColdplayThey will not go on tour with the Everyday Life.

Today, entering the stage to avoid contagion of the coronavirus, new options of our favorite musicians are shown. The teacher Jorge Drexler He has already given a complete concert in front of an empty theater, and we believe he will not be the last to do so. Jamie Cullum and his rebellious piano also did their thing, and even Elsa and Elmar.

Others have opened their home to us, since many have taken the initiative to share a live DJ Set or some session in front of the piano on Instagram, and the truth, they make us feel a little more connected as humanity, here are some examples:

“The Waves” from @bastilledan’s house, the young man raffled.

– Federico Franco (@ffrancop) March 19, 2020

In a few days, live music performances have been eradicated. With flight restrictions and border closings, thousands of artists lose their means of economic survival, since for a few months, the concerts are canceled. Although we are not musicians, let us not forget that they live on that.

hahaha hey and those who throw hate at us for having played in the Latin live, how do you pay your rent and eat or keep? xd

– girl ultra, la chory (@grrrlultra) March 16, 2020

With all the above situations in mind, what do we expect for the coming months? The decline announced by Grimes could happen faster than we think.

For this week they can consult a brutal billboard of musicians who will be performing live but remotely, such as the full week of Charli XCX, or the announcement of shows of the members of Metronomy, just by opening your Instagram.

Photo: Special

This pandemic is yet another obstacle to live performances and festivals that have grown everywhere in the past decade, but it surely won’t be the last.

But is it as bad as it seems?

Here we ask ourselves: will some genres or artists not leave the classic format? Well, with regard to the variations of rock and metal, we find it difficult to replace the strength of guitars or drums live, but we can imagine other genres being oneself with the virtual options.

Imagine a concert completely in virtual reality with Gorillaz or some experience created to enjoy DJs like deadmau5, in a sound system that takes advantage of more channels than we can enjoy live. Not everything sounds like the end of the world, right?

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And finally we ask them, What other options do you have in mind to make live music vary? Is a festival replaceable in the classic format?